Monday, February 11, 2013

Spiritual evolution of man: From age of body to age of mind, and now to the age of the spirit 

Observing closely at the development of man, one would observe a distinct pattern of his spiritual development. Spiritual in the sense, from lesser form of consciousness to higher forms of consciousness about himself, his existential roots etc.

We all know that for millions of years we shared the body level existence with animals in the jungles. While animals are still in the same form of consciousness, man could jump to his mind level consciousness some time later. Man developed a mind organ, that could let him free from the exclusive bounds of his body. A new entity embraced him after the full development of mind.

For every object of his experience, whether it was food, self protective urges, or things of beauty alone, he could give it all a new dimension other than that of the mere animal level, or biological level existence. He developed many social institutions that helped to give such new dimensions to all the objects in the world, and all his actions, experiences and events around him. The world and life of mind was unimaginably different from that of world and life of the body. If he had experienced these objects and events in life at his blind instinctive level, fit for animals, now he experience the same objects and events in a very different dimension and light, with the new eye of the mind.

What changed was not his external sense organs, but his ENTITY that used the same sense organs through the new MEDIUM, ie. the mind. Or in other words, when he started looking at the world through the new medium of mind, his ‘self’ got transcended. He was not his old animal self. His canvas widened. While there were only mere instinctual experiences in his animal 'inners' during the jungle time, now there were million time more materials and concepts that the mind had gathered, and stored within, that enabled his transcending to the new entity !

Is it not the time for man to transcend his entity to still further levels ?   

When his developing from the animal level to mind level is an empirical reality, we can not infer that, it could be the last in man’s stages of development. It has already been somewhat confirmed at his sub-atomic particle level experiments that the ultimate reality of matter as a possible building block of the universe was an unrealistic hypothesis. Physics, even after her half a century of efforts and trials, could not isolate the event of the motion of an atom, or any other sub-atomic particle, into an independent, measurable and identifiable episode. In simple scientific term, what happened here was the failure of the hypothesis that universe was matter-centric. Matter could have provided only the structural form of existence, and a complete understanding is feasible only when man gets to know reality at the ‘essence’ level . 

It is only sensible to realize that structure of anything is always determined by its essence. The former is only a means towards achieving the ends of the latter. Here essence may be understood as the ‘purpose’ of existence as a whole, the answer to the ever elusive ‘why’ question of science.

The above failed attempt of man to understand reality that lies behind the obvious and overt world pin points to the fact that, it is time for him to have, or recognize the unknown inner organs or ‘knowing devices’ higher than mind, like mind was once developed after millions of years of his leading life with body alone stage !

Now man is at least able to understand that there is more to existence than what his known sense organs provide to him. How does this important understanding landed at man’s awareness ? It must have been through the work of some yet unidentified internal faculties ! This indicates that it is time for him to go for another transcending of his self, and have more wider spectrum of experience through newly found sense organs, in a similar expansion of the spectrum when the MIND organ had developed into a new kind of organ millions of years ago.

It may not happen within a few months or years, but clear signs are there in the air for a start. Once what happened at the sub-atomic particle research field comes to the clear understanding of one and all, in its full philosophic relevance, man will naturally become aware of the wider world and wider realities that in store for him in future. This very realization will trigger the next stage of his intellectual evolution, to the realm of the soul.

Like what happened with the onset of the mind, a million more concepts and ideas would creep into his various languages, and man will start experiencing a new transcend. His socio-political institutions, his education and business management sector will have new syllabuses to teach the young. New governmental forms and new media norms will emerge. Life will not be the same for our future generations !

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