Thursday, May 26, 2016

Metaphysics and Getting to Know The Creator

Special Note: This is a post contributed by a serious philosophy and spirituality researcher and seeker, Mr. Robert A Podboy Jr. from USA. As the subject matter he discusses is relevant to this thread of Spirituality-blogs, it finds its place here.

More over, it should be heartening to note that, individuals from the top-most developed country, USA, are also extremely Spirituality conscious, a welcome change for modern-world, hinting to world's future-course and direction.

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Metaphysics and Getting to Know The Creator  
Know that the Metaphysical world, the part of this world that goes unseen, is a real state of existence for many things. Energy is one of the things that not only exist in reality; but, also in the state of metaphysical being. Humans can get to know themselves and their environment more closely, enabling them to interact within the metaphysical environment as well as the physical environment at the same time. This is an amazing phenomena that occurs naturally and that early man knew well. There are accounts of aboriginal man where they could disappear into there environment. I believe through experience that these phenomena are not only possible, but a part of life.  
One may ask the question... Isn't most of that type of experience in the mind? I believe that most of individual experience in everyday life is also in the mind. So the answer is yes! Most of the phenomena that occur in the physical and the metaphysical environment (and the combination of the two environments: or the environment) is in the mind and the interaction that we have within whatever environment we are interacting within at a specific time. The main reason that people cannot interact within an environment is a lack of faith in a manipulable environment; they not only have a lack of faith in what can occur, but also in how their interaction and belief in things can effect the environment in which they exist.  
A lack of 'faith', belief in things which cannot be seen, has been humanity's main draw back. When we can sense/realize the things that exist around us and that can be manipulated, we will be able to take a giant leap forward in the propulsion of mankind to new and exciting levels. In scientific terms; however, human beings are able to effect and manipulate the environment in which they exist, right down to the particle level. There have been key studies in which mere human observation has changed the behavior of said particles. What if observation was just the beginning of action able to be undertaken by mankind? What if manipulation was much more involved in a creative level. Then what limitations would mankind face? Surely, the bar would be set much higher.  
When it comes to having faith in God/Gods, we are surely far off from having a relationship with the creative force that set everything into motion. Isn't it true that creative force wants us to know specifically what it is and its' personality? Why would a creative force not want us to know it- The Ultimate Creative Force! Before we can know this force on a higher level; however, we must come to terms with ourselves and the environment which it created for us. We must show a worth to this being, how can we better do that then showing, by knowledge and action, that we can not only interact within our environment with what is seen, and with what is merely sensed? It will not, in the end, matter what we title this being; whether we title it God or give it a name due to the fact that, by the time humanity 'TRULY knows' this being- they may call it something completely different.  
Unfortunately, in the world we live in- human beings have fought wars over material objects as well as their ideas. It is a mind blowing event that humans cannot realize that we are just beginning to know these things which exist, and that we hold so tightly to our ideas as impeccable truths. When in fact we are still small, we need to have room to think and grow, ultimately reaching a potential. We are not even close to realizing that potential. It is a sad event when the human being leaves himself / herself so little room to grow, due to ideas he/she holds to so concretely. If we were smart we would leave ourselves a wide gap for future growth and understanding.  
We then will Know.... Contributed by: Robert A. Podboy, Jr.
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