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A Spirituality not based on 'worship' might be the right answer for the Godless world !

Is spirituality without a 'worship' tradition possible ? 

Spirituality based on 'worship' presupposes a God desirous of it ! It gives a particular image of the God, who demands 'faith', devotion, allurement etc. Such images are what distract many modern men away from all forms of spirituality, pushing them to live their lives on whatever terms their worldly wisdom and reason advise. 

1)Are  those who keep faith in God, and live on 'worshiping' Him, on the right path ?

2)Do they have any real touch and relation with a living reality called God?

3)Why God might be a living reality, an ever ticking category of existence and life ?

4)Why it is much more sensible to understand God, or the ultimate reality behind existence as a predisposition, or a predilection of it ?

5)Understanding God as His/Her right predisposition might take-away the present way of worshiping Him !

6)Will such a very sensible form of 'RIGHTLY'connecting with the ultimate source of existence could move man  towards a new human-society, and a new way of life for each 
human-being ? 

Above are the questions this paper intend to briefly take-up, one by one.

1) Are those who keep faith in God, and live on 'worshiping' Him, on the right path ?

While the scientific tradition of modern world do not recognize the fact that, 'altered' realities would appear to the same person when he is under the influence of different beliefs,or under the impact of different premises about himself and the world. She ( science) believes that, the external reality is one,unalterable objective reality, and the observing man and his mind also is a static and equally 'objective' reality. But, she fails to recognize and in-principle accept  what one of the the great men of Science,Heisenberg had said:

" what we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.. The observer decides how he is going to set-up the measurement and this arrangement will determine,to some extent, the properties of the observed object. if the experimental arrangement is modified, the properties of the observed object will change in turn" ( Book 'physics and philosophy',London, 1963, p.57)

Here, when man seek ultimate reality adopting the stand-point of science, with all her pre-notions about the 'physical' nature of everything, even with a God presupposed as its creator, he could only 'worship' such a God, He being his creator. God here is the primary object, and men, His created objects. So, the relation between the two also falls in the traditional way, as the created worshiping his Creator. Many of our first-layer scientists ( in its history ) believed that the world God had created was a physical world, with strict laws applicable to such physical realm. Most of them believed in a supreme-creator.

But, if one is able to free his mind from all such pre-notions of science about world and existence, and face the reality of his being in an uninhibited and unprejudiced manner, existence, and his-own being will immediately appear in a new light and dimension ! It is not any artificial setting of his mind in any particular manner, indoctrinated with certain pre-notions or beliefs, but a kind of nakedness of him before the naked existence, a kind of natural unity of a part with its whole ! Whatever was the original and natural relation with him and the ultimate source of existence comes-alive here !

As Hindus say, such moments of self-realizations are seldom uttered in words, as there is no objective equals in any language to describe such a state of unity and relation.Such knowing God at close angles, and its ecstasy takes away all the devotee's desire to go back to life and convey such ecstasy to others ! So, many of the ancient Hindu sages just migrated to mountains, and spend the rest of life in long-meditation, achieving the ultimate in having a relation with God ! Only very few of such great sages came-out of such deep-state of knowing, and shared their knowledge with the world. Such bundles of knowledge is known today to the world as 'Upanishads'.

 Here, the relation of such naked man with naked existence is an irrefutable reality beyond the stand and explanations of Science, but the issue is only that of defining such unity or relation in suitable human-terms. Is that similar to a father-child, mother-child, or that between two friends,two lovers, or that between parts and their whole ? Unfortunately all human-terms ! The purpose of defining this relation in human-terns comes from the need of explaining it to 'others' who have not experienced such moments of unity; an altogether different 'category' of need and behaviour for these 'others'.

But, one thing becomes very clear here from the above explanations that, whatever might be the nature of such relation between the ultimate reality of existence and man, it can not ever be one that based on the latter worshiping the former ! Act of worship presupposes a distinct separation between the worshiper and the worshiped. It takes away all sensible ( of course a human-form ) forms and ways of communication between the two parties, as for both parties, the opposite object ceases to exist as a 'live' entity, with whom meaningful interaction is possible. The interaction from both polls gets blind and ritualistic. It gets into the mode of mechanical and routine very soon, in the absence of,  as said above, a 'live' and dynamic interaction between the two parties. Most of our religions, thus, have fallen into this kind of a ritualistic mode of relation with God, where the central category of relation is that of 'worship'.

This mode of relation or interaction with the ultimate source of existence magnifies the reality of the worshiper, and whatever stage of life he/she is into. For him/her, God turns into a center of unfathomable power and authority, a very distinct and separate entity from him, wherein the only way to keep a relation with Him is to offer various rituals, basically acts of exaltation. This includes recitation of prayers in exalting and glorifying the worshiped object, and offering other human-forms of flowers, smoke,repeating 'mantras',bodily postures representing both appeals and submission.

Here, the worshiper dwells in his own separated ( in time and space) realms, or spheres of life. The object of worship is supposed to dwell in similarly separated but highly exalted, remote realm in time and space. A 'live' tie, communication or interaction with the ultimate source of existence is totally ruled out in this kind of relation.

The worshiper gets indulged in life and its unimaginably varied action and thought paths, while simultaneously
offering his worship also, mostly not in a live, moment to moment relation or unity with God. Life for such worship-mode of faithfuls is a stand-alone routine of its-own, with its laws, morals and rationale well defined.
God for them is another distinct category, in another sphere of reality, of course as the first cause of everything.

As such images of God is without any particular 'predisposition' attributed to him, characteristic of  His prime emotional nature, even criminals and criminal-tribes offer special 'offering' and rituals to Him before their operations, seeking success !

This age is familiar with many major religions indulging in mass murders and atrocities on fellow-human beings, allegedly for fulfilling the 'wishes', or ideology of their Gods. It is often after a 'prayer' that the sword raises to strike at the neck of the victim when these 'faithfuls' engage in decapitations.

While some types among this group follow certain assumed laws of life, like that of 'Karma',( A Hindu belief, based on cause and effect realm of free-willed actions, holding man himself responsible for 'karmic' reactions of such actions) some others follow a similar, 'sin and its fruits' law of life, say by followers of Christianity.
( Those who are interested may share the extent of man's FREE-WILL from another post:

Whatever might be the case, as seen above, a worshiper and the worshiped dichotomy might not be the closer to truth and reality, judged on the basis of its very weak-logic ( in human-terms) of placing the ultimate source of God at remote realms, away from the sphere of life.The very act of worship, being a closed and blind act, also weakens the said dichotomy. Thirdly, despite ardent and devoted worship, many of such faithfuls often experience negative incidents and experiences in life, putting this path into great doubts again !
The worshiper is blind or dis-interested about knowing God, as he thinks it is impossible to know Him other than as Almighty and creator. The dichotomy gets into the mold of a regular routine, leaving the sphere of life a reality isolated and stand-alone from the sources of existence due to its very routine, and due to having God a mental product of a sort, in line with other objects in the life-sphere !

So, hopefully we could conclude that, those who are in the 'worship' path of God may not be in the right path for defining and understanding life in its spiritual totality, and also in the matter of knowing God in His totality and essence.

2) Do they have any real touch and relation with a living realty of God?

No: The position is somewhat cemented and closed. Such faithful often keep a certain mental image of God, in-line with his creating all other realities in life and world, basically pure mind-products ! As his primary self itself is a synthetic product of the world and its myths, values, traditions and norms, God too gets into the list, as another mind-created product. To know how the ego is existentially destined to create itself, and everything around it this way, please share this link

3) Why God might be a living reality, an ever ticking category behind existence and life ? 

We should know that the conception about time and space of science is just 'workable' models, and not her absolute, empirical premises behind her physical notions of reality. Greatest of living scientists, Stephen hawking was candid when he said;

" this discovery ( the Big-Bang theory of Edwin Hubble in 1929) finally brought the question of the beginning of universe into the realm of may say that, time had a beginning at the Big-bang, in the sense that earlier times would not be defined" ( His book 'A brief history of time' p.9-10)

It is clear from such broad-views of great scientists that, what we have as scientific reality of the world and existence as a whole is mere practical models for its own sake. Life and existence still remains a mystery beyond the complete grasp and reach of science.

Beyond her stories and speculative models, man's own inherent faculties for sensing and perceiving such basic subtle realities always murmur that, life has meaning and sense, and it is much beyond the 'zero-sum' game that science alleges it is.The distance in time and space that exists between man and God that the worship oriented religious traditions teach us, it appears, could be absolute wrong notions. If time and space that science defines are mere workable and speculative models, it is quite possible by evidence of man's own internal 'sense-organs' ( invite readers to know more about such not-yet known and recognized 'internal sense-organ' like faculties, at links:, ( blogs) and book link pertains to, at: ( e.version of the book titled, ' Is reason a sense organ? A super-mind above the known mind? ) that, man indeed is, and could be in touch with the source of ultimate reality, moment to moment of his wake-life !

This internal sense-realm of reason of man operates at spheres beyond that of the external sense-organs and overt-mind, which are dedicated for knowing and handling of the realm of ego,( the phenomenal realm) and the mind-made ( synthetic) realities of the collective world.Once the possibility of living with moment-to-moment touch and unity with the realm of ultimate-essence is known in the collective world of man, it would revolutionize our socio-political realms of life, and pave way for a new-era of peaceful co-existence, and mutually supportive human-relations. The present dogmas like Darwin's evolution, the absolute physical nature of reality etc. might go beyond curtains of new understanding on life and existence !

The fierce urge and inner-drive within every thinking man for knowing truth, and live with such truth could be cited as a strong proof of nature's own, or God's own strategy to make man seek-out the ultimate source of the 'whole'. We must agree, our Science was the direct result of the above 'urge' for truth.In this meaning, both science and spirituality are human-pursuits aimed at the same goal.

It is quite logical even in human-terms to believe that,what the goal behind the emergence of, or the development of human-beings in existence might have been to achieve the said goal !( to have knowing beings emerged out of the realm of life, and then they seek-out the 'live' reality about themselves !) For a comparison, we could always look at the fierce urge that human-beings experience to seek, as well as 'to be sought-out'  for LOVE! Both urges, or existential drives ( seeking, and 'to be sought out' in Love) could be the most crucial-clues for understanding the ultimate 'rationale' of being, and the ultimate 'sense' of life !

We could see that Love is the most swaying-kind of emotion that human-beings experience in life. Though contemporary biology will refuse to approve any angle for Love other than that of a prelude for reproduction -oriented Sex, its power to force man into commit great-sacrifices,( including very common suicides upon Love failure !)  great-works of art and architecture, even pushing whole nations into war etc should compel the very scientific-spirit of our age to probe deep into understanding this enigmatic emotion in all its dimensions !

4) Why it is much more sensible to understand God, or the ultimate reality, as a predisposition, or a predilection of it ? 

Thanks to the major dictum of modern science that, there must be a physical explanation to every phenomena that man observes. Its systems work on chemical,electrical or gravitational needs of subatomic particles, or their multitudes of complex assemblies and sub-wholes. For biological cells and their micro-constituents, instead of, or besides chemical, electrical or gravitational needs, there should be an EVOLUTIONARY need,and explanation ! She ignores the fact that, the overall 'PUSH' or the physical direction of these physical parts and wholes that ensure constant momentum of the world would be nothing but some or other kind of a predilection, or predisposition of the Physical matter ! The laws that make the physical system to run through a certain 'direction', ensuring compliance with either 'information theory' or evolution theory, can not be identified and branded other-than,or outside some kind of a predilection or predisposition. Such predilection or predisposition does not mean anything other than a 'sensible' direction. Even  school going students will agree that nature does not act random, but she exhibits a long-term directive about life and world. The laws that science talks about are nothing but signs,systems and features of such an overall direction, or a hidden command in working.This way, she indirectly (and silently)admits of a certain 'predilection, or predisposition by way of such a distinct direction. Salient features of that direction include a tendency to save energy, evolving of a self-sustaining system, though in totality an emotion-frees,zero-sum physical game !

Such a digging-out of science's un-uttered predilection about life and existence leaves the ultimate debate about reality only about the rationale and sense of such predilection, or predisposition, leaving the question of the ultimate stuff  around a chemical, physical or mathematical equation because, logically, a predilection or predisposition would be what determines, or decides the choices and options of the latter. ( the equations !)

It is simple to recognize and understand that, such an all determining and controlling predilection/predisposition would be the criterion and 'cause'that in-turn would decide its means, or the structural aspects that could ensure the correct implementation of the more fundamental, formerly explained 'essence'. ( invite the readers to read more on this structure and essence dichotomy about reality, at link: ( section 3, about structure and substance)

A clue is given here;what the above portion attempted to show was that, such an ultimate-predilection/predisposition hidden in life and existence could be some emotional content like Love - -the ultimate existential drive behind causing the 'whole' to evolve !Not only to evolve, but also its running energy system !

5) Understanding God as His/Her predisposition could help take-away the present mode of worshiping Him ! 

From the above paragraph, hope the idea of a cosmic predilection/predisposition as base fundamental,or the most basic stuff of the 'whole' has been made clear. Understanding,or having a notion of such base emotional or attitudinal element of the 'whole existence' will be equal to solving its ' WHY' question ! Every other feature of a system or organisation, logically, would always derive, or could be attributed to such base predilection  or predisposition, whether it is a man-made system, behaviour of man and animals, or anything man could imagine.

We have already seen the existing predilection that science has attributed to the 'whole' form the above para. What all opposite evidences are there against such a predilection, stand listed at our blog:

LOVE, if understood a bit drastically different from its mainstream,common-sense meaning and sense, would compel every open-mind to replace it with science's  'mechanical, survival oriented, cold ' predilection behind the existence of the 'whole'.

We have some very interesting account that supports the LOVE angle, from a Harvard-trained Neurosurgeon ( trained for 25 long years !) Dr. Eben Alexander. He was in a coma for seven days caused by severe bacterial meningitis.  During his coma he experienced a vivid journey into what he knew to be the afterlife, visiting both heavenly and not so heavenly realms.

When asked what he wants everyone to know about the spiritual realm, he always answers saying :
"that you are precious and infinitely loved more than you can possibly imagine. You are always safe. You are never alone. The unconditional and perfect Love of God neglects not one soul.Love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything. Not some abstract, hard-to-fathom kind of love but the day-to-day kind that everyone knows the kind of love we feel when we look at our spouse and our children or even our animals. In its purest and most powerful form, this love is not jealous or selfish, but unconditional.
This is the reality of realities, the incomprehensibly glorious truth of truths that lives and breathes at the core of everything that exists or will ever exist, and no remotely accurate understanding of who and what we are can be achieved by anyone who does not know it, and embody it in all of their actions" 
(See this link for a direct account of the above :

The most popular question or argument against such a positive notion of life was always that of death, disease,war and tragedies ! How anyone, or any  philosophy of a kind, just and loving God could explain such tragedies of life ? We would recommend to share its explanation from the following link:

If the ultimate source or God is an abode of such a predilection/predisposition/emotion or attitude, won't it be more sensible to establish a fitting relationship with Him, rather worship Him as an object ? In this sense, we too are live and vibrant beings, always linked to our ultimate,existential source in a live emotional tie ! Such a notion transcends the barriers of time and space, and also that of various other life-related myths,dogmas, and stories. 

6) Will such a very sensible form of 'RIGHTLY'connecting with the ultimate source of existence could move man  towards a new human-society, and a new way of life for each 
human-being ? 

Yes... of course it could move the entire mankind ! It is crystal clear from the above paragraphs that mankind can not adopt a good for all 'objective' attitude towards God, or the ultimate source of existence. It would, and should remain as a purely subjective affair or relation for each human-being ! When each person realize that he is linked to the ultimate source of his being every moment, without any barrier in-between, it should fill him with an utter responsibility towards his-own fact of being. Such a new awareness would be more than adequate to behave with everyone around in a new oneness, and a new enlightened social-sense.  A society filled with such intellectually, rationally and spiritually liberated individuals, without any doubt, will naturally form a healthy and contented social-whole, or all kinds of collective.

A 'worship' oriented spirituality helps man to escape from the utter-responsibility of living a conscientious life. Worship gives him a false sense of spirituality, and being in the right-side of God. Here what he worships is his own mind-made images of God. Realizing one's irrefutable, moment to moment connected-state with the source of the 'whole' is the ultimate Spirituality in all sense and meaning. It involves a good degree of abandoning, or getting free from one's exclusive world-oriented sense of self and being. Natural care and protection of one's life and destiny happens naturally here, in this mode of spirituality, as man gets at least partially liberated from the burden of carrying his life and ego on his-own shoulders.  

Authored by: Abraham J. Palakudy,

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