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Does a spiritual integrity of man possible with existence?

With the reign of 'objective' knowledge principles of Science today, man could keep only an 'outsider' status vis a vis his life and existence. He could 'experience', or undergo life only as something 'external', or even 'alien' ! 

This existing dichotomy of the self of man vis a vis the phenomenon of his 'existence',could be the chief reason behind many of modern man's mental health issues. A proper integrity of mind with nature, or say existence, it appears, is an essential condition for leading an optimum, or a well 'aligned' life. Like the right kind of bodily health, the sense of bodily well-being, there definitely exists a sense of emotional, or say, spiritual well-being too, the state of being 'integrated' with nature's hidden energy-system.
Announcing it a 'paradigm-shift', American Psychology Association admitted last year that mental disorders are not always caused by physical ( neurological) factors, but they are mostly born out of social and personal-life related issues and causes of patients. This very relevant observation greatly supports the need for the above integrity of self with life, and existence in general.

Despite the existence of many socio-political and religious institutions around us today,responsible for devising ideal societies, the fact of man's unique and ultimate 'private' nature of 'self' has not, and could not so far be recognized and accepted by the modern world. Individuals always have to shoulder the responsibility of choosing and internalizing his 'subjective' concepts, as to what is society, world and existence, to constitute this very private self, in a unique act of psychological,or spiritual integration. While the world goes its own way as an impersonal ghost, each individual is left to carry his private self the way he chooses to be , of course while carrying a very subjective 'world' idea also within, that serves the purpose of an essential 'canvas' for the self to 'belong to', or as a platform for placing his self in it. It is similar to the physical necessity of objects in the world for the category of space' to occupy itself. This central metaphysical need ( of having a certain 'spirit', or a subjective notion of the world) of the worldly self of man- the ego-is not yet recognized by the modern world. The link given here is a dedicated work that explains the said dynamics:

As no other realm exists today beyond the 'world' that our socio-political institutions have created, (including the contributions of science towards the idea of such world) individuals are always compelled to 'integrate' with this synthetic world. Synthetic in the sense that, both the image of the personal self, as well as the image of the 'world'- the canvas- are self constructed.
Here, the seemingly unique and separate contract, or the tie that existence has kept with each person loses its centrality. Man is pushed into an enclosure, or gets 'locked' in the walls of the said external 'world'. Despite many purely personal life experiences, both painful and pleasant that each individual usually undergo during his life time, he has no option but to define them, and understand them within the explanations of pure scientific 'chance' or probability.

Life of modern man, in the above sense, is a kind of being 'tied' to the 'outside' of his self, to the walls of the external world. If life and the self of man had some or other kind of 'oneness' with whatever energies and secrets of existence, such oneness is kind of lost for ever for him !
Is a child-mother kind of integration possible for man with existence ?
It is an undeniable fact that, as stated above, each human-being is united at some unknown level and dimension with existence, in-spite of his self-chosen external identities and myth of the conceptual 'world'. While the way he is united with his conceptual world is an objective fact, the fact of his integrity with existence is a metaphysical, or spiritual fact. The best example to understand this integration is that of a new born and its mother. While child-birth is a biological fact, the emotional integrity the child must be experiencing with its mother is a hidden but live fact. This integrity loses its intensity once the baby grows-up, and become an independent member of the world, a synthetic product as far its absolute relativity with the stage of history, localized socio-political factors of the particular person etc. But, if man totally forget or ignore his irrefutable past oneness with the mother, both in body and spirit, what he loses is his very tie with his origins !

The relevance of each person keeping his 'integrated' status with existence

The emergence of the concept,or the ideal of 'liberalism' in Europe during 17th and 18th centuries perhaps had marked the need of man keeping his individualistic relation with one's existence. History says, after the invention of printing technology,and the reaching of Bible in the hands of each person in Europe, they started realizing the possibility of keeping direct contact,or relation with God, leaving the centrality and relevance of Church behind. The writings of philosophers like Locke also had helped to uphold the ultimate freedom of individual as supreme. Then came the American revolution, wherein an entire people had declared that 'freedom and liberty' of man was God provided, or self evident. The only sensible business of the States was to protect this sacred,natural eligibility of man !

The extreme relevance of the enlightenment era
The very brief period in history when the mind of man got FREE was when the authority of Church had fallen. Science, great literature, creative ideas like inalienable liberty of man etc were the natural results ! But, we all know that the new Political masters, and the new hegemony of the INDUSTRY in the world, had immediately taken control of the mind of the man once again, depriving him the permanent benefits of the ENLIGHTENMENT! The concept of free-individual is only a deceptive myth that the contemporary world and its leading institutions propagate.Allowing man to be fully integrated with his existence is a least supported ideal in today's world. A kind of disintegrated self, that is tied-up, or belongs to a 'collective' of some-kind is today;s ideal individual. This arrangement allows better control of individuals, as it gives the leaders of such collective, easy control and command over large-masses of men !
A person's faculty of reason and good-sense would work only if he is free. The unprecedented spurt of creativity of man during enlightenment is the best proof.

A freedom-deprived person's first and fore-most priority would be to please his oppressor and ensure his survival, or sustainability of whatever minute degree of freedom he has been enjoying. No action and thought that originate from this man in fetters would be healthy and positive, or good for him, his family and children, or for the society as a whole ! It was these lines of thought that prompted the torch bearers of early 'liberals' to advocate its superiority and essential-status for every human-being. The words such as ' inalienable rights', 'self-evident', 'endowed by their creator' etc. of the American declaration of independence are extremely relevant here. Those words directly hint towards the essential oneness of man with nature, or existence in general.State was an arrangement of man's collective, just for continuously safe-guarding these state of his natural freedom.

Is modern man really free, and spiritually integrated with nature/existence ?

Though such a beautiful and healthy concept and ideal of 'liberalism' had descended in the world at the beginning of modern era, how come that modern men mostly have turned impersonal pieces in the massive-crowd in the contemporary world ? How come that he gets agitated at the sighted provocation,and get ready to pounce-upon the the fellow-being ? How come he always wait for orders and commands from his local-leaders in Politics, or religion, and get ready to take-up arms against the perceived enemies ? How come he got very tightly self-centered, adopting a life-philosophy of self-interest in all realms of his thought and activity ? Where did that old ideal of unrestricted human liberty and freedom had vanished from the scene?
Was it due an over-dose of the ideal of liberalism,( that caused an excessive obsession for minding only one's own liberty, leaving the other to his-own fate to guard his liberty?) or, was it due to the later developments in Europe, like the unprecedented industrial growth, and the accompanied political developments that worked against the great liberalism notions ?
The distinct and clear answers are:

1) The excessive dose of liberalism, unfortunately in modern era, was confined towards those who excessively cared to grab it, and developed that freedom to reach unfathomable heights, pushing back of those who were behind! Yes,,, only a chosen minority of men of modern world who were able to utilize liberalism to the fullest, and could make their industrial empires, and be able to contribute heavily to the GDP of their respective States, and were able to provide millions of jobs to ordinary citizens in the country, could make liberalism a live reality ! Liberalism had simply culminated into modern day capitalism, with all its fruits exclusively enjoyed by those who could make it very big in industry ! This particular feature of liberalism has proven that, not every one at the same time can be successful in the race for enjoying unlimited liberty! When someone enjoy it fully, the rest have to satisfy with the residue, or the kind of freedom that the top layer define and permit it for the rest !

The revival of the great ideal of Democracy from its old Greek model to American Democracy of modern times was another land-mark development that altered the old socio-political reality. For the one and only goal of every modern nation in the world today -ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, - a meaningful partnership of the newly emerged Political group with industry was an inevitably necessary exercise. This course of 'development' was the one and only known, and acclaimed option for every modern nation.
In the above new reality of modern world, universal liberalism, with its dictum that equal individual freedom and liberty should be accorded even to the last man in the corporate, or the political hierarchy was not a viable option.What the new institution of industry needed was millions of ordinary men who could work in the factories and offices, accepting their management decided (what they thought the worker deserves) roles. What the new political order wanted also was meek-voters than self-integrated free-individuals, who always sought freedom and liberty !

The communist regimes who had attempted to achieve the same kind of economic development themselves without private capital, also culminated at the end, in the same kind, or even worse condition of common man with regard to the level of his freedom and liberty ! The demands of the millions of manufacturing units and the discipline that a controlling state demanded from its citizens, had made the lives of common citizens under communist regimes much worse than that under capitalist regimes.

2) Those ordinary men who could not make it to be accumulators of huge-capital for building-up various industries in the country, were naturally had to satisfy themselves as 'human-resource' for the former class. Their own equally active sense of creativity and personal spirit of unbound freedom, was never called for, or utilized in their role as mere 'resource' for limited and specialized roles in mass-organizations of thousands of workers.
An artificial habitat of the mind had gradually born and developed in the modern era, called the main-stream ' WORLD '. This was basically a market place of specialized information, images, symbols and aspirations meant for those millions of men who were the new 'resources' in the above synthetic places of work. The old 'real world', wherein man and his pure existence was in direct relation with existence under the vast-sky, was lost for these men forever.

Many factors aided this process; Science drew a harsh line at the infinite string of time-at Big-bang, giving an 'objective' beginning to it. If time really extends beyond this line, it has no 'observational consequence' for science, or she ignored it on the ground that such 'earlier times simply would not be defined' ( portions in parenthesis, that of Stephen Hawking, in his book ' A brief history of Time'.)

The Second factor is modern Political realm, that has found all the advantage in considering and handling citizens in large groups instead as freedom and dignity seeking private individuals. As vote-bank masses in modern Democratic politics, their relevance is only that as voting-creatures. Modern professional political-entities have no gain from considering citizens as dignified-private persons, needing freedom, liberty and individual space ! They learned great lessons from their partners- the industry- that no action or attitude is worthwhile which does not create, or result in some or other kind of gain for the entrepreneur. Here, the new professional political entities in modern world are none but smart entrepreneurs of a sort, without any doubt! ( see link:, for further information on the above proposition )

The above described 'world' product has become so hardened an object today,that ordinary men are not at all capable of raising their intelligence above its high-walls, as narrated partially in the beginning of this paper. For inferring out their individual selves, the (psychologically ) mandatory canvas today is the above synthetic ' world'. Anything above and beyond its hardened reality is mere 'illusion' and 'fiction' for all the men of the world today. It has become a parallel realm of 'existence' for modern man !
Sadly, our world would be fit to be called truly civilized and modern only when our existing collective institutions like politics, industry, science and media recognize and accept that individual citizen is the sole unit in existence who is capable experiencing life wholesomely, and not their fictional identities like voter, worker, consumer, reader and TV viewer ! Death of individual is the death of life on planet earth, as it appears to all of us today!

Author: Abraham J.Palakudy

He is an ardent seeker and researcher in areas of knowledge like Mind&Reason, Metaphysics, Spirituality, and Polity
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Metaphysics and Getting to Know The Creator

Special Note: This is a post contributed by a serious philosophy and spirituality researcher and seeker, Mr. Robert A Podboy Jr. from USA. As the subject matter he discusses is relevant to this thread of Spirituality-blogs, it finds its place here.

More over, it should be heartening to note that, individuals from the top-most developed country, USA, are also extremely Spirituality conscious, a welcome change for modern-world, hinting to world's future-course and direction.

See other blogs of  Robert A. Podboy Jr at link::

Metaphysics and Getting to Know The Creator  
Know that the Metaphysical world, the part of this world that goes unseen, is a real state of existence for many things. Energy is one of the things that not only exist in reality; but, also in the state of metaphysical being. Humans can get to know themselves and their environment more closely, enabling them to interact within the metaphysical environment as well as the physical environment at the same time. This is an amazing phenomena that occurs naturally and that early man knew well. There are accounts of aboriginal man where they could disappear into there environment. I believe through experience that these phenomena are not only possible, but a part of life.  
One may ask the question... Isn't most of that type of experience in the mind? I believe that most of individual experience in everyday life is also in the mind. So the answer is yes! Most of the phenomena that occur in the physical and the metaphysical environment (and the combination of the two environments: or the environment) is in the mind and the interaction that we have within whatever environment we are interacting within at a specific time. The main reason that people cannot interact within an environment is a lack of faith in a manipulable environment; they not only have a lack of faith in what can occur, but also in how their interaction and belief in things can effect the environment in which they exist.  
A lack of 'faith', belief in things which cannot be seen, has been humanity's main draw back. When we can sense/realize the things that exist around us and that can be manipulated, we will be able to take a giant leap forward in the propulsion of mankind to new and exciting levels. In scientific terms; however, human beings are able to effect and manipulate the environment in which they exist, right down to the particle level. There have been key studies in which mere human observation has changed the behavior of said particles. What if observation was just the beginning of action able to be undertaken by mankind? What if manipulation was much more involved in a creative level. Then what limitations would mankind face? Surely, the bar would be set much higher.  
When it comes to having faith in God/Gods, we are surely far off from having a relationship with the creative force that set everything into motion. Isn't it true that creative force wants us to know specifically what it is and its' personality? Why would a creative force not want us to know it- The Ultimate Creative Force! Before we can know this force on a higher level; however, we must come to terms with ourselves and the environment which it created for us. We must show a worth to this being, how can we better do that then showing, by knowledge and action, that we can not only interact within our environment with what is seen, and with what is merely sensed? It will not, in the end, matter what we title this being; whether we title it God or give it a name due to the fact that, by the time humanity 'TRULY knows' this being- they may call it something completely different.  
Unfortunately, in the world we live in- human beings have fought wars over material objects as well as their ideas. It is a mind blowing event that humans cannot realize that we are just beginning to know these things which exist, and that we hold so tightly to our ideas as impeccable truths. When in fact we are still small, we need to have room to think and grow, ultimately reaching a potential. We are not even close to realizing that potential. It is a sad event when the human being leaves himself / herself so little room to grow, due to ideas he/she holds to so concretely. If we were smart we would leave ourselves a wide gap for future growth and understanding.  
We then will Know.... Contributed by: Robert A. Podboy, Jr.
( Please see my other contributions at:

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Do Existence shares with man, her spirit or predisposition ?

Man shares God’s or Existence's spirit, by all logic.

God as first essence, never can create something that is entirely independent of his own essence, if seen from all available sense of Reason of man. By the above logic, what man has, as his existential essence is, God’s own spirit, as rightly and repeatedly declared by St. Paul, one of the chief disciples of Christ, in his letter to Corinthians;

‘you are God’s temple, and that God’s spirit lives in you’(Corinthians 3-16)

For the purpose of creating a free willed entity, independent of everything that is related to the said first essence, God seem devised the unique organ, or the  phenomenon of mind ! By this unique organ, or say a ‘circuit’ in science’s language, God ensured a total cut-off from the essence, so that such entities feel complete independence, at the cost of even not knowing who they are ! Millions live and die on earth like animals do, exclusively upon physical realm. Such was the wall of mind that nature or God had created !

If take clues from St.Paul again, this duality between spirit and form is something applicable to God also; he mentions in his letter to the Corinthians ( chapter 2,verse 11) that ‘only God’s spirit knows all about God’, a mysterious claim ! God must have chosen the same design and nature of duality for man also ?

Mind served the purpose of a perfect, as once referred above, ‘wall’, concealing all traces of man’s origin. He started experiencing a stand-alone, synthetic reality, life, as a result.

But it seems, God had not kept all doors closed between He and man. If these entities, while they remain living in their freedom, using the independent will, if develops an urge to come out of the bondage of mind and its phenomenal bubble, to seek-out to have insight into his origin and essence, they are allowed to do so, it seems again ! The inner pull of his essence always burns like a fire within, as an essential aspect of his destiny.

Any contemplative man and women can experience within, this wish to seek-out what is beyond his so called free-will. What causes this real-wish is the sense of ORDER of our faculty of Reason.
Our sense of reason, or faculty of reason, is a sure remnant of man’s original Essence by every logic. Please share what are its mystery aspects, at link:

Presence of this mystery faculty within is that never offer man lasting peace around a life lived exclusively around physical dimensions. Such a life never satisfy the mystery sense of ‘order’ of our faculty of reason !

So, the pull of this sense of Reason seems unavoidable and inevitable during every man’s tenure of life, at some or other point of time. This final seeking out of God, his essence and meaning in his capacity as an independent knowing being, was what God had ever expected from the unique act of scheming man, it should be believed.

But when man gets lost beyond any hope of recovery from the category of world, the abode of his mind organ, God takes pity on him.

He can no more control His original motivational emotion behind the act of creation, LOVE, upon man and his state of helplessness. This must be the reason for man’s much certified wish fulfilling in prayers ! Millions of men and women from every part of world report and certify such answering of their prayers. Here prayer is not worship, but only realizing one’s irrefutable link with God, and a seeking out of a Love like relation.  

God, as man and societies generally believe, is not far away in time and space. There is no distance between the two, except the artificial veil that mind destined to create.  

A practical way out for any enlightened human-society for helping individual men is to let them engage in intense research on the Godly emotion of Love, the heavenly glue that binds everything in existence. It is the missing link that eludes Science ever, for uniting all her energy theories. It is the ultimate law and truth of Nature, as well as that of human-nature. It is time for the world to come out open against the false-reign of Darwinism, the current law that man believes, is the law of Nature.

Authored by; Abraham J. Palakudy
A mind,metaphysics,polity researcher and seeker

Contact me at;
Twitter: voice of philosophy@jopan1

Ps: Where ever word 'God' is used, atheist readers may replace it with word EXISTENCE, as both denotes one and the same sense, as whatever the hidden-energy or force behind the overt-world. Science is simply a workable-model of reality, as many top scientists agree. Those who are interested to know Science purely as a random 'model' of reality may do so, by referring to our peer-reviewed paper at link:

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Can't man have a Science of spirituality,devoid of God's Almighty image ?

So far, when talk of God arise, no one is able to imagine him outside that of His typical, religions given Almighty image,entity and status !. Means, He is the creator,preserver,owner,with all authority to punish those who deviate from the path of virtuousness, his predominant feature and characteristics. Man is naturally expected to worship him,forgetting and nullifying his-own entity,as he is the giver of life, his existential substance,and everything good in life,like wealth,health,progress,prosperity and happiness.

Science always keeps distance from religious beliefs, as according to her, there is no proof for God's existence and what ever religious followers claim about him. She has a ready-made theory that could offer physical explanation to everything that exists. She has an explanation for the purpose of whatever that exists, though it is said to be a 'Zero-sum game'one, means, nature ultimately gains nothing from whatever that exists except its efficient,optimum level continuity. One of such explanations is known as 'information-theory'.

She claims that,man tend to believe in God and after-death salvation, out of 'fear-factor' attached to human ego. Ego fear extinction of his self, hence does not want to happen. So, it goes on creating fantasies,myths and belief-systems that ultimately leads to an eternal existence, including a necessary life after death too !

She does not believe in the phenomenon of human-mind, or the centrality of human-person also, in the scheme of existence. For her, there is no such 'scheme of existence', or purpose of existence, as mind is merely a property of matter/energy based on physicality.  Mind developed as an organization or a neurological circuit, to help man in the survival game, or for the efficient utilization of his physical environment.

The mystery behind the dynamics of self-formation, similar to Atom formation by its particles, by bit by bit explainable process of the spirit !

What is attempted here is propose that, very similar to the formation of Atoms by its particles, ( sub-atomic particles always get-back to its base atomic form, at the earliest possible moment after its experimental split by scientists) human-self is also constituted by a well-observable and explainable process, thus require a thoroughly altered scientific method to understand and accept it. For focusing on this untraveled area,Science might be required to discard her dogma that, existence can not be anything other than physical, with all her prejudices attached to the concept of physical.

At a very close and keen look, we would observe that,our sense of self consists images drawn by ourselves in others' mind ! As we can not over-look or dispute that we are nothing but our sense of self, who seek-out scientific explanation for whatever we consider as reality and various phenomena around us, we need to accept the fact of its formation too in an equally methodical and planned way like that of an atom. This admission should take place at some point of our process of development as an adult, not only physically, but also as a mind-being.

This 'self' stuff is what suffers from the pangs for discovering truth and reality,obsession for evidences or whatever scientific method prescribe, have the ecstasy of discovery when something new has been found about Nature, and a thousands of similar things that we encounter in our lives.

I can not see or observe my 'self', but my 'sense of self' is very much there to observe and experience within.This experience is similar to my experiencing 'love' or 'rage'. Though a corresponding neuron firing must be taking place inside my brain while I experience Love or Rage, I can not refute these emotions being experienced by me within. Similarly, my 'sense of self' is also something that I irrefutably experience within,especially by its various emotional DRIVES as listed in: I can feel the pressure when these Drives are not met by me,by giving adequate expression, like the pressure I experience when I resist a body urge, say that of urinating, hunger, or my urge to have sex.

I can observe similar 'sense of self' surge in other persons also, during my interaction with them. This observation of the sense of self in others supports my sense of self very much, by the logic that, if the other is a self, similarly I too am one. It is similar to an Atom gaining its identity by my being its observer and 'identity-giver' ! My subjective sense of 'self' becomes an 'objective-stuff' when I see the other observing my self, and responding to me accordingly. We know that, many of the physical phenomena in  nature also, like the gravitational pull of black-holes,scientists confirm with the help of its act on other objects, as no object including light could stand the gigantic gravitation of them.

From the above, it makes absolute sense to infer that,nature or existence have this method of making living entities recognizing their own 'self ' entities, or making them feel their entities as independent,by enabling them to ascertain so by the way others respond to them.

Here, the physical phenomenon might have to withdraw to a secondary level of relevance, as she is only playing the role of a hardware here.The software here is the latter seen organization of the 'self' of living beings, especially that of man, the most complex organization among all !

We see here a specific method of nature as to how she enable emergence of entities, including that of her-own; for her own entity to become tangible and real,she too has to first manage emergence of some other independent beings, who act as her perceiving-beings ! Mankind, for that reason every possible other intelligent beings at distant galaxies and planets, might be udder the same existential agenda and scheme.

Of course this is an altogether wild-assumption, but every acutely conscious person about the gigantic urge within, to make himself known to others by acts of self-expression, and then also by the same gigantic urge to know who he is, will witness a thousand times the above claim ! Our emotional and ideological urges and Drives can not be ignored by science, as they distinctly&clearly  indicate goals and intellectual,moral and spiritual direction of God,or the organization of Existence !

Observe the similarly set directions and preferences of our known external sense-organs,say eyes,ears and nose. These senses are not see all, hear all open window to world. They show preference to see beauty,order than disorder and ugliness. Ears like to hear melodious inputs than cacophonous chaos.( Please share the following blog-post that delve into working of our sense-organs, including that of the 'sense-organ' of reason at link:

A realm that works independent of the hardware, or the structural-realm of existence

In a nutshell, man could very well 'experience' and observe with his intelligence, a  realm that controls life outside the physical-realm.Its primary sign is the law that we have seen above, about the law of creating'independent selves' in a process of mutual-observation, a system similar to that keeps heavenly bodies in-tact in space, by gravitational attraction between each other..This self-making process of nature may be seen in more detail at:

Now,let us have our attention on events that takes place in each persons life.Events fall into life of individuals in a process that no one has so far understood, but certainly NOT out of causes directly related to physical labor,typical sinful or virtuous acts etc. Happy and sad events mostly come in a mix,but no such trend stand for long.Upon keeping the right mind-set or attitude, sad events give way for happier times. Similarly, happier days suddenly turn dark, leading to unfortunate events too.We know that, this element of uncertainty was the key reason behind the invention of God-ideas by man.

There are millions of people who would vouch for gradual disappearance of misfortunes, diseases and personal issues by keeping certain mind-sets,commonly known as the act of praying.What exactly happens when pray ? Prayers are not always adulation and worship of God. It is the establishment of a relation, a link with forces unknown to science.Science terribly undermine existence and life, as for her, it is a zero sum game,involving dead matter and its mechanical necessity to sustain itself.

The crux of the matter here for Science followers is their willingness to accept that,a simple assessment of what is available in existence is far beyond what could be termed as mere mechanical or even mathematical. Their stand here is absolutely similar to the stand of orthodox and fanatical religions ! (Please share the following internationally peer-reviewed paper, that describes this similarity of science with orthodox religions:

It is this realm of prayer full-filling, beauty,art,music,ecstasy of human relations, like romantic and other forms of love, that should compel truly open-minded and un-inhibited man to infer that,what is UP above may not be an Almighty God who seek worship,adulation,rituals and virtuous acts. It can lead us to a convincing inference that, what is there between man and existence may not be a typical Almighty vs.mercy,bliss and prayer full-filling God,but something fundamentally and greatly different and more !

What could be there at realms of UP above,other than an Almighty God ?

Man gains his elementary experiencer-status exclusively through the above explained process of mutuality, with the active role of the World as a Canvas, or, kind of like the Space role for physical objects.This preliminary entity is saddled heavily with Drives, or urges that are specifically aimed at making man act  and think in certain ways, that includes, most predominantly, a most central urge to seek-out deeper truth and reality. We achieved Science through the work of this irrefutable inherent urge. ( we have already seen more about these Drives at an above referred link)

Ego's most central urge is to make itself known, with the aim of creating its tangible entity. If we apply this logic in a bit broader and bit imaginative way, we would be forced to doubt that,this urge to make itself known might be a universal law of something coming into being ! Ego's finding God as Almighty might be a very naive way of knowing Him. While ego itself works on gaining-savage independence of its-own entity,it is extremely difficult for it to abandon this urge, and then abandon itself,and seek out reality outside its fierce 'CATCH'.

This difficulty in freeing oneself from the legendary Catch of ego is considered to be the most tedious and serious task by all religions, to know God at close quarters and in His true nature. When those who succeed in abandoning their ego,the most spiritual task of man, what one experience is a non-separateness from the whole of existence. Like a cell in the body of any living being,such ego-freed entities achieve a kind of TRANSCENDED state, of being in life in a very different way and mode, as a part and parcel of the very stuff and phenomenon of existence !

Here the existence herself achieves the earlier mentioned great,one and only and ecstatic goal of making herself KNOWN ! She has achieved to create other knowing entities in the process of life-ing that she herself had devised, with great creative imagination !

Here what She requires is not worship, but a loving relation of mutual knowing ! It is very similar to ecstasy of romantic lovers on earth, where both partners attain a kind of rebirth, or the status of a new being in each other's heart! Every one who have experienced the ecstasy of Love could vouch its unbound novelty.

In such a relation, the cause-effect paradigm of Science,and the good-deed,bad-deed realm of religions, both get transcended.Both the said realms come alive working when Ego creates its own cut-off worlds and realities,unrelated to the original realm of existence that we have just seen. Such a realm of independence,of pains,diseases,worldly pleasures,death and misfortunes was the only means to produce truly 'conscious beings' for nature or existence !( Please share following link, wherein the question of the rationality of life's misfortunes is explained in some detail:

 It might take many more centuries for human-societies to collectively rise-up to a new state of consciousness, with a new approach to life,others in life, and towards existence it self. It might involve a great task for mankind,especially  her chosen enlightened beings, to abandon all the established old theories and dogmas of science and religions, and embrace this new possibilities about man;s actual tie with existence. He should realize that, he is not merely his ego,but much more;deeper and broader. No collective approach to self-knowledge might work here,that is fit for establishing objective theories for one and all. This understanding requires each individual to approach his existence as his unique tie with it, at par with the way he had born alone,and the way he is expected to go alone too, at death.

Authored by;

Abraham J. Palakudy
Founder: Conscience of the society: An independent philosophic, spiritual,mind and polity research initiative
We invite every one interested in these subjects of seeking truth and reality to interact with us with their valued thoughts,at, or

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Can any religion, or even SCIENCE,afford to end the search for God, or ultimate reality ?

This seeker was forced to attend to the above question now, as the present day world is witnessing vicious clashes between religions and cultures over whose version of TRUTH, or whose way towards God / life and ultimate reality is right. I am referring to the present day movement of two or three world religions,Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, ascertaining supremacy of their particular religious paths. If one is in an attempt to conquer the world and bring her under one Caliphate, and establish the supremacy of their way over the rest of mankind, the other,( Hindus) in a never before revival of their claim of supremacy of their ways over the other sects&religions in their country, India ! Buddhists are said to be a threat to the Muslim/other minority in Myanmar,( Burma) whose Election is scheduled to be held this week to decide who would be the next RULER ( November 2015)

No religion is continuing the search for the core truth about God, or the ultimate reality behind life and existence. The clamor is all around the life-path that leads to Him; various rituals, belief systems,myths,life-styles that include food-habits too. Buddhists, though NOT believing in a supreme God, are sure about the existence of a right-path of behavior to lead a good-life during the tenure of man on earth. But, they too are intolerant towards the 'other' men ( not akin to their ways ) in their country, despite their obligation to adhere to the right-path doctrines.

This post is to APPEAL to all religions, to continue searching for God and the ultimate truth about life and existence, to save the world one day from mutual annihilation in His name. No religion can afford to close the doors of further inquiry about God and ultimate reality,as what they have now with them are old and out-dated myths, stories and rituals, that create nothing but mutual hatred in human society, fear,division and at times full-fledged wars.

Without any hesitation we could assert that, Religion is spirituality stuck at Ego level of consciousness and human-activity; hence it is engaged in mutual hatred, animosity and assault.The task of our enlightened age is to elevate it to the level of higher consciousness, and a UNIVERSAL SPIRITUALITY sans religious divisions.

 In what direction such further research could move is the theme of this write-up. Such directions has been pointed-out at the succeeding-paragraphs.

Science is no where in the contest of claiming who or what is God, as she believes, there is nothing beyond the obvious and the objective in the world ,despite and irrespective of the various very strong evidences she herself witnessed at the sub-atomic (quantum) level of physical reality, that questions even the very notion of her base concept of 'objective' facts, independent of any observer. This washing of the hands by Science from participating in he contest leaves the filed open for unprecedented human-misery,mutual hatred,community-divide and even blood-shed.

Hence, this humble attempt is to throw some serious and fresh light and perspective towards the question of who and what could be the truth behind existence and life, the constitution and ontology of the seeker-MAN, and the logical necessity or advantage of knowing GOD,or the ultimate reality as a PREDILECTION or PREDISPOSITION of Him or it. This seems the only way to end the crisis of WAR over MYTHS and beliefs in modern world, with no sensible way to silence any party. A well acceptable one PATH of seeking out God, or the ultimate reality behind existence is a dire need of modern world.

 Who we are, that SEEK God, and WHY ?

What will be taken-up first is about our very entity of man as seekers of God and truth. Science as well religions are yet to seriously ask the question who the seeker of truth-man- is, and why he seeks truth ? Man as the occupier of this planet earth,with certain definite faculties of mind and body to lead a successful tenure of life on earth, is an unverified and blind presupposition for both religions and science. Chief point of this presupposition is around the truth-worthiness of whatever he gains as knowledge on whatever capacity or entity as he finds himself here. How and why he is here on the planet with this particular body and mind mechanism, what are the features and role of his constitution as the seeker and know-er here etc. were never taken-up seriously ever by science. Entire attention was paid to the objects in the external world he observed, not at any time, with the same seriousness, on him self as the OBSERVER.

Religions of course had taken up such questions, but science, due to her status as an institution that acquired immense more relevance and reliability over science,thanks to her fantastic life-altering discoveries and innovations, had side-lined or ignored such realm of religions as subjective fantasies, myths and stories invented by security and certainty seeking,weak minds ! She just looked outside at the external world, and attempted to judge and assess life strictly on the basis of objective realities she found at the physical level. That central question, who and why the question-seeker and enquirer is there on the planet, was never considered relevant by science yet. What ever knowledge his overt,  mind-sense mechanism provides as knowledge,was considered reliable and final. Attention was never paid on his constitution and organization as the seeker of knowledge !

All major religions have the basic concept and classification between Ego and real self. Hindu seers,thousands of them,said to have lived in isolated mountains and caves in deep-meditation, and produced some of the best thoughts and ideas about the seeker and seen. In the Upanishads, written by those unknown ancient seekers, there are ample description of the difference between Ego, the entity that lives in life, and the hidden soul that always want to get liberated,breaking the 'delusion' ( Maya) barrier of the Ego.

Hindu thought very particularly refers to the role of Soul as that of a prisoner. Soul is in the prison of ego, always wanting to get liberated. Enlightenment or salvation during the life-time is a total escaping from the 'delusions' and its catch ( the prison). If one could not achieve it in one life-time, he will have to take many re-births, till he is able to achieve the 'escape', and attain liberation. The liberated souls join with its original source, the Brahman, at the end of the journey. But the cycle of life, in the above process, will continue for ever.

Islam also talks about Ego and Soul in Koran.The Sufi tradition especially delves deep into the various organs and stages of Ego and Soul. 'Nafs' is the concept of Ego. It has seven stages of development of ego, from a raw animal self to a more moderate and sober stage.It is the abode of desires, emotions and their gratifications.

Unlike Hindu paradigm of Ego and Soul, Sufism has three aspects of  mind; the Nafs, the Qulb and the Ruh.

Qulb is the mediator between the ego and soul. It holds the Divine spark or spirit and is the place of gnosis and deep spiritual knowledge. 

Ruh is in direct link with the divine, often its presence unknown ( not conscious ) to ego. Ruh also has seven stages of development or evolution.

Christianity also has their own clear-cut stand on ego-soul division.Though Ego word is no where seen in Bible, very direct reference to the theme is abundant, notably in the synonym called 'body'. The needs of the body are differentiated from the needs of the soul.Needs of the body includes cravings of the mind too, like craving for worldly possessions, fame etc.The craving for wisdom is also decried in Christianity, as it leads the seeker no where. Faith or Trust is the sole path to know and reach God.Surrendering to the will of God,ignoring body and world are her acclaimed virtues.In Christianity, it is the complete human-person who will enter paradise upon salvation,not solely his soul. 

The purpose that highlighted in this attempt is the REAL NEED OF SOME KIND OF A SCIENTIFIC LIGHT on the constitution of man's self,that science has not undertaken with any degree of dedication or commitment.It has totally left this realm at the disposal of religions and their myths, on the ground that she deals only with physical objects that are tangible. She think of Mind as a property of physical body, not having a specific constitution of itself,or purpose other than that aids the physical survival of the living organism. 

But plain sense of logic suggests that, act of probe about knowing the existential facts must have started from the end-product found in existence- the living beings,especially man, and their KNOWING mechanism and faculties attached to its 'structure', ie. the physical body. This was most important because, the very urge to know was itself a propensity of the mind. Yes, Man can not live peacefully, without a sense of Reality! He will always go on seeking reality! Both Science and religions had born out of this irrepressible urge!

How does man settle for certainty? How does he define his reality?

We will be astonished to find at close scrutiny, that we gain our sense of reality by the principle of 'sharing'.When two or more persons 'share' a myth or belief or an observed fact, it attains the 'status' of reality!Scientific facts are all but our, thus arrived 'mainstream beliefs'!( or superstitions?) Interested readers are invited to visit the following peer-reviewed paper that tries to establish the said fact: 

 How can analyzing part-by part of a car, or its metallurgy could throw even vaguest of idea about the end-product, or the organization called Car? Science's all-out efforts should have started from understanding man, and his organizational stuff called MIND, and the plan if any, and the organization of its purpose,energies and dynamics. Science never entertained the thought and possibility that, beyond matter, the organization of the 'self of man' also might have been an equally, or even more fundamental than the organization and energy system of the Physical.

The chief hurdle on the way of this new task is our limited knowledge about features of 'self' and mind by science; whatever knowledge she has is confined or limited to the 'objective' realm of external world.Objects and organization like ego and soul, she thinks, pertain to a realm beyond the objective and empirical. Moreover, whatever organization she attributes to mind is around its role as an 'aid' to the physical body, for the one and only purpose of life, SURVIVAL. 

This seeker ( writer of these lines) who has been in this path of probe since his childhood,have found some very exceptional features of human-mind that had helped man to make Science what it is today. But she is not yet aware of its role in such making of the very discipline of Science. It is the role of our faculty of Reason, that detects inconsistency from consistency when science relates causes and effects, consistency or ORDER between evidences and conclusions, and similar ORDER or consistency between analogy and its object or relation in comparison. While collecting evidences and forming hypotheses are work of the empirical,objective method of science, the more vital and central role cited above, that of our faculty of Reason in every scientific deduction, has not yet been recognized or accepted by her !

Why man's faculty of Reason and its role  in every scientific feat is very special, has been  explained in our dedicated blog-post:, and also in the book by this author at link:

While coming face-to-face with the said, not yet recognized and accepted (by mainstream world ) special faculties of our phenomenon of Reason, we will also become aware of a new path of acquiring  knowledge, beyond the objective paradigm of science.

It opens a door that makes us realize that, indeed the so called huge-bundle of scientific knowledge has reached us NOT in the typical objective manner,independent of the observer, but with the aid of a certain,not yet recognized and understood faculty of mind,our internal sense-organ of Reason !. This amazing knowledge and awareness could give man a new confidence to enter a new path of going after Ego and Soul, and the constitution of his self, in the most scientific manner and spirit.

For the above initiative, what science need to shed is her prejudice about spiritual research as something outside her range of subjects. Leave all pre-notions of religious piousness,faith and worship, typically related to religions, and approach the subject with the keen sense and spirit of scientific inquiry. Here, author seeks the attention every man of mind and scientist to the very recent merger of Galaxy named ' NGC 6052 at Hercules constellation, with another nearby Galaxy. ( ref. NASA reports about the findings of Hubble telescope) NASA report says:

' as the merging process continues,individual stars are thrown-out of their original orbits and placed onto entirely new paths,some very distant from the region of collision itself....the highly-chaotic shape of events will eventually settle-down into a STABLE-SHAPE,which may not resemble either of the two is in fact a NEW Galaxy in the process of forming' 

What should prevent our scientific-spirit from inferring that, there genuinely exists a 'tendency' or a propensity towards attainment of some kind of an ORDER in existence,or universe, behind all the apparent chaos and disorder ? What should prevent our common-sense to infer that, if the physical-stuff is compared to a hardware, there should necessarily be a not-yet recognized and identified 'SOFTWARE too in existence/universe, that control such mergers and orderly realignment of the physical-stuff of the universe ?
Invite readers to share more on this hardware;software paradigm at link:

This parallel initiative might open-up a new field for Science; as to how to look at human-personality in a new light, its constitution, energy dynamics that are involved, accepting other forms of energy and forces beyond physical energies in existence etc. Please refer a few helpful links that handled these subjects the most scientific way:

How important for Science to probe the energy and component level constitution of the seeker, man, and how smartly she could take-up at an equally sensible and rational way about his constitution, is shared at links:,

While the first post is about general features of human ego, some irrefutable evidences on the Creative-choices in life and world that might point to factors antagonistic to the Survival theory etc, the 2nd post reveals and presents a convincing proposition about the constitution of man's self, and its hidden but observable energy and component dynamics.This post introduces 'World' as necessary SPACE for the emergence as well as sustainability of ego. Third post elaborately deals with the phenomenon called HUMAN-THOUGHT.  

The above referred three blog-posts, each one much dedicated studies on the possible scheme of nature as to how smartly she might have had devised the entity of man, to be posted at planet earth has been elaborated. .

Conclusion is that, the truth seeking man is NOT a simple and safe pre-supposition that such a prestigious discipline like Science could blindly adopt without questioning. When the absolutely relative position of the OBSERVER is revealed, the kind and range of knowledge and truths he could seek-out also will be out in better-light !

What could be the truth or mystery behind existence ?

Science can not ever objectively explain an infinite ( space as well as time) universe:Though Science already have many typically PHYSICAL,zero-sum explanations and theories for the natural emergence of universe, we know, they are not different from similar stories that religions offer.Categories like Time and space, with their really in-explainable features, will remain chief hurdles for an objective science to link the world to them.By no means of the objective science, we could explain 'infinity' feature of time and space, as infinity is a category not belongs to science. Would share here a peer-reviewed paper that delves deeply into this aspect of science:

Ignoring the end-product-man and life, Science adopted bottom to top approach, ie. from atoms to man: This subject with an example has already been taken-up in the beginning of this paper, that of trying to understand a car by studying its components individually.

The motivation to understand world and life has emerged  in the obvious end-product, Man.His experience realm was responsible and behind the emergence of such urge for truth and reality. Experiences of man is almost 75% emotional and conceptual, compared to what he directly experience as physical world. Just by opening a dictionary or a Thesaurus, and counting the contained words will revel the truth of this claim.

This particular fact should have compelled at least a new science to look at the essence of universe at an emotional angle ! Why an emotional element shouldn't have been there in the stuff that we observe and experience as universe,existence,world and life ?  Such a reference to emotion need not carry science to doubt that, the subject of discussion is now drawing towards religious angles. Not at all. Science, if her spirit of inquiry is truly open and unprejudiced, she should be able to look at this reference to Emotion with an equally detached manner, the same way she look at other physical realities and phenomena of the world !

She should sincerely analyse, why she was tempted at the inception stage of Science, to view universe as a physical reality ? What was her motivations behind adopting such a stand, and continue searching for ultimate reality in the physical direction ?  Veteran Scientist Alfred North Whitehead wrote:

" Discussions on the method of Science wander off onto the topic of experiment. But experiment is nothing else than a mode of cooking the facts for the sake of exemplifying the law" . ( From his address 'Foresight',given at Harvard business School)

Why existence or universe shouldn't be looked at with an 'emotional element' at its core has been touched at an already referred link above: An additional post on the subject is an already given above link:

Our top three religions in the world, while tightening their grip on their existing divine myths and stories,should be ready to loosen the hold a bit without fear, and see if more reliable realities,of course more divine and pious than their existing-ones, could be arrived at, leading to a living tie-with such emotional center of existence ! Man need not abandon and alienate his God and Truth at realms far-away in time and space, and live his life fighting each-other and hating each other, or waiting for a final judgement day of his actions after death. New knowledge if sought,combining spiritual and scientific seeking as one, might enable man to break the old wall of time-space between Him and man ! Man could definitely drag God out of old His old mythical abodes and realms, and allow him to live among us. 

In other words, if science gets ready to abandon her aversion towards spiritual-realm, a much wealthy new field of research and seeking awaits her in future. Such a step only will end the vicious fight,hatred and wars that religious men fought each other in modern world, in the name of a God,whom no party clearly knows. 

Such an opening-up from the part of religious-heads, or an attitudinal shift  to understand reality behind existence in a better-way, will end the dependence on the faith-oriented stories,myths, rituals, and life-styles. Understanding God, or the ultimate essence behind existence and life as HIS singular predilection or predisposition will  end all the differences that make man attack and kill each other today. Look at any known object or phenomenon in the world; it will definitely have a certain predilection or predisposition ( in the language of science, properties) So, in the case of ultimate reality behind existence too, She or He or It, definitely have a certain base predisposition or predilection, which, with the every might of man's sense of reason, common-sense and wisdom, can not be other than SINGULAR. Or in other words, the predisposition of that God will be one and Singular for every one. It can not ever be two kinds. An agreement on such one and only predilection /Predisposition of God, or he ultimate reality could definitely end man's fight over rituals,myths,holy-books and life-style. 

She/He/It, a Loving and caring stuff at base level, which no religion could refute, could be Angry and Vengeful with some one, at certain times. But a new Scientific-religious joint venture and effort would bring-in proper studies and knowledge, and even direct liaison with such essence itself, at some point in future. Now science assume that there is NOTHING-UP above. But laying hand on the ultimate emotional predilection of universe might enable Science to interact with Her/Him one day !

Hence, the conclusive answer to this sub-question is that, existence and life can not ever be a ZERO-SUM game as science claims ! If there is any substance to the word and concept of MEANING, it is around LIFE that we all are in ! Our tendency to judge life and existence as 'zero-sum' without any substance and meaning was the result of the developments in a particular period in history, wherein man was a victim of the hegemony of an institution, (Church) who had subdued his mind for centuries together,without recognizing its needs to be independent and free. Human mind, hence, in a fit reaction, discarded everything that MIND produced, and was compelled to accept only what was empirical and obvious to his KNOWN faculties of mind as true ! 

The immediate necessity is to end the mutual-fear, attack and killing in the name of an unknown God, who never, repeat, never, would be an Object from whom such negative emotions and actions will ever emerge!

Authored by: Abraham J.Palakudy 
( A seeker of truth and reality in fields of philosophy, spirituality, mind, Human reason and Polity)
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Religion free spirituality: Its sense and rationale

Why world needs a Spirituality sans religions ?

We know how violent and hate-filled modern world is, basically caused by certain group's religious beliefs. God of some group says don't kill this animal and eat its flesh, while for some others, it is some other animal. For some, some day is holy, for some other, t is some other day. Most of them have Holy-Books, statues of their Gods and sub-Gods, and any disrespect to such symbols results in violent clashes and even vengeful killings!Armies of devotees are ready to make war and kill for the sake of their Gods, and their symbols.

We all know, that for what reason the Polity took over the control of the world from Religion. Christain Church was in total control of the Western world for many, many centuries. Whatever she decreed was the final truth. Church believed Earth is at the center of the universe. But when Galileo looked at the sky with his telescope, he found Earth rotating the bigger star, Sun! Church asked him to shut up! But, the evidence of the eyes and Reason had to win over untruth and blind beliefs. That was the law of nature. 

Though that was an old story, even today, in many major corners of the world, BELIEFS of religions rule Nations and peoples' mind. These days, religion is used by the polity to prey on the minds of people, and keep them under own fold, as what rules the world today is the tradition of MAJORITY. If majority say 2+2=5, it will turn the truth of the day! Those who say, no it is 4, he will be arrested and put behind bars.Questioning is always a threat to authority.

So, religions are not at all the old roads to salvation. it is symbol of strength and majority.It has once again joined hands with Polity in many parts of the world, stopping progress of the world. A rethink on God, hence is a most pressing need of the day! Is He a divisive figure? Does he need worship? Is He also subject to hatred and violence like ignorant man? Is He one, or many? Is He a person, a character, or simply a personal non-entity, but having only His emotional 'predilection' ( or predisposition) what let the world exist and continue?

Better we accept the last proposition as the most sensible one, as it can not be different to different Gods! His likes and dislikes, his attitudinal features will be same for all,even if we believe that Gods are many! It is extremely difficult to imagine, that there exist vengeful Gods too, who seek blood of his own other creatures!   

 Though religions were originated with spiritual goals, they had turned different 'life-style' and cultural  groups in their course of development.Every religious group was under existential compulsion to stick-on as one single life-style group for various reason listed and described at our other blogs in this spirituality post-series.For the inevitable spiritual need, each person, irrespective of his religious identity and life-style, tend to keep and maintain his own kind of very subjective and personal spirituality through out human-history. There has always been the very subjective spiritual realm for each person, plus his group-togetherness in the book,myths and life-style oriented external religion. 

With existence, it looks like that, nature or God is keeping an exclusive or unique kind of relation or contract with every human-being. His gene-equation is so unique that no other person would be having such an equation ( the gene-combination from his father and mother, another unique pair) his very unique life-surroundings, ( the unique relation with his parents, his small community, his unique geographic location etc) his equally unique relation making with other unique people around, etc etc. All the above factors make each person in the world a unique 'aggregate' in every sense and meaning.No one exactly like him exists anywhere in the world ! It is like having unique ID in nature for every human-being.

Life, in this sense, is a unique opportunity, a unique aperture for each person. If God or whatever the ultimate source of reality and energies behind life and existence be, man can not connect with Him / It through collective prayer/communication process, because, what is personal is personal, and no group approach would be appropriate and effective. Collective or group rituals only would help to induce certain very personal and subjective thought-frame in the mind this way ! Every one has to go back to this source also, all alone, one day ( in death) ! So, spirituality need to be, and should be a very personal communion or communication with whatever is his metaphysical source, for every human being. This is similar to each sibling's unique tie with his/her parents.

Good 'sense' in understanding God, or the ultimate essence as a PREDISPOSITION / Predilection 

Instead of keeping different images of God by each religion, it would simply make extreme sense to understand Him as His predisposition, or predilection, which can not be more than ONE in any way. The ultimate CAUSE behind creation, or having 'existence' of man,beasts,plants,planets,milky-ways, space and time etc. could be, in all possibility, be the RESULT OF AN ALL PERVADING 'emotion', or a 'motivation-factor'. The physical form of the world, and the emotional nature of all living beings must be the 'sharing' of this base existential emotion from such an essence, and what better way to understand the ULTIMATE TRUTH than getting to know such a cause, or all-pervading emotion/ predisposition of the source of ultimate existence ?

Common-sense would tell that even science attributes a certain 'predisposition' to existence; a certain mathematical coldness, without much verification and evidence. Such a zero-sum 'coldness' is what explains the physical theories of the world, or the 'structure of the world'. It is plain that 'structure' is always determined by a hidden essence. By this logic, instead of randomly attributing different predispositions to God by different religions, if sensible agreement is arrived among all religions on this CENTRAL POINT, it itself could start a new religion sans  different dogmas and belief systems- a SPIRITUALITY without religions !
( please see our work on such a sensible predisposition at links:, 

If the contemporary world proceed in the direction of propagating such a universal spirituality, not in any particular religious sense but as an essential personal discipline of every child and grown-up person, it will gain much in the way of avoiding religious based hatred, violence and wars. Citizens would then be lesser exploited by political entities in the world for their dubious number games. It might also end the dangerous hold of religious leaders and institutions upon human communities. Instead, every religion could encourage its followers to be simply spiritual, leaving divisions and conflicts in the name of life-style and ritualistic differences.

Such a development in Spirituality would boost man's ever-adored individuality that got lost once again in the post-enlightenment period of political and industry hegemony; though enlightenment era had originated the concept and value of individual-dignity, the unfortunate emergence of economic and political institutions in the post-liberal era had once again trapped man and his individual relevance in the same old Feudalism era kind of servitude. New economic and political institutions never found needing a truly sovereign individual citizen, but groups that easily fall for powerful political slogans, and/or inevitable necessities of physical survival. Power of the new States and the equal Power of the new economic masters of the world have compelled human-beings and societies once again to seek-out old religious identities ! 

Authored by:
Abraham J.Palakudy,
An independent philosophy,Mind& Reason,spirituality and polity researcher,seeker and writer.
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