Friday, March 25, 2016

Do Existence shares with man, her spirit or predisposition ?

Man shares God’s or Existence's spirit, by all logic.

God as first essence, never can create something that is entirely independent of his own essence, if seen from all available sense of Reason of man. By the above logic, what man has, as his existential essence is, God’s own spirit, as rightly and repeatedly declared by St. Paul, one of the chief disciples of Christ, in his letter to Corinthians;

‘you are God’s temple, and that God’s spirit lives in you’(Corinthians 3-16)

For the purpose of creating a free willed entity, independent of everything that is related to the said first essence, God seem devised the unique organ, or the  phenomenon of mind ! By this unique organ, or say a ‘circuit’ in science’s language, God ensured a total cut-off from the essence, so that such entities feel complete independence, at the cost of even not knowing who they are ! Millions live and die on earth like animals do, exclusively upon physical realm. Such was the wall of mind that nature or God had created !

If take clues from St.Paul again, this duality between spirit and form is something applicable to God also; he mentions in his letter to the Corinthians ( chapter 2,verse 11) that ‘only God’s spirit knows all about God’, a mysterious claim ! God must have chosen the same design and nature of duality for man also ?

Mind served the purpose of a perfect, as once referred above, ‘wall’, concealing all traces of man’s origin. He started experiencing a stand-alone, synthetic reality, life, as a result.

But it seems, God had not kept all doors closed between He and man. If these entities, while they remain living in their freedom, using the independent will, if develops an urge to come out of the bondage of mind and its phenomenal bubble, to seek-out to have insight into his origin and essence, they are allowed to do so, it seems again ! The inner pull of his essence always burns like a fire within, as an essential aspect of his destiny.

Any contemplative man and women can experience within, this wish to seek-out what is beyond his so called free-will. What causes this real-wish is the sense of ORDER of our faculty of Reason.
Our sense of reason, or faculty of reason, is a sure remnant of man’s original Essence by every logic. Please share what are its mystery aspects, at link:

Presence of this mystery faculty within is that never offer man lasting peace around a life lived exclusively around physical dimensions. Such a life never satisfy the mystery sense of ‘order’ of our faculty of reason !

So, the pull of this sense of Reason seems unavoidable and inevitable during every man’s tenure of life, at some or other point of time. This final seeking out of God, his essence and meaning in his capacity as an independent knowing being, was what God had ever expected from the unique act of scheming man, it should be believed.

But when man gets lost beyond any hope of recovery from the category of world, the abode of his mind organ, God takes pity on him.

He can no more control His original motivational emotion behind the act of creation, LOVE, upon man and his state of helplessness. This must be the reason for man’s much certified wish fulfilling in prayers ! Millions of men and women from every part of world report and certify such answering of their prayers. Here prayer is not worship, but only realizing one’s irrefutable link with God, and a seeking out of a Love like relation.  

God, as man and societies generally believe, is not far away in time and space. There is no distance between the two, except the artificial veil that mind destined to create.  

A practical way out for any enlightened human-society for helping individual men is to let them engage in intense research on the Godly emotion of Love, the heavenly glue that binds everything in existence. It is the missing link that eludes Science ever, for uniting all her energy theories. It is the ultimate law and truth of Nature, as well as that of human-nature. It is time for the world to come out open against the false-reign of Darwinism, the current law that man believes, is the law of Nature.

Authored by; Abraham J. Palakudy
A mind,metaphysics,polity researcher and seeker

Contact me at;
Twitter: voice of philosophy@jopan1

Ps: Where ever word 'God' is used, atheist readers may replace it with word EXISTENCE, as both denotes one and the same sense, as whatever the hidden-energy or force behind the overt-world. Science is simply a workable-model of reality, as many top scientists agree. Those who are interested to know Science purely as a random 'model' of reality may do so, by referring to our peer-reviewed paper at link:

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