Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spirits of the world, and that of the world above

The metaphysics of the human personality, and that of his not yet recognized 'spirit'

The criterion of truthfulness of man’s realities and inferences were always decided by its degree of closeness with nature’s own laws. Hence, the reality of man’s soul ( or spirit) if any, must be decided by what nature, or GOD intended by this concept, or reality.

If the concept of Ego is better understood as some kind of a SPIRIT of the world, a phenomenon that has its origin in man’s various encounters in his tenure of life, SOUL also is better understood on the same lines - - -as a SPIRIT that originates when man encounters his extra-physical dimension of life. 

The intense 'urge for spiritual seeking!

It should be assumed, that every human person experiences many times during his life- time,a burning urge to seek the truth about who is he? This urge shud be treated as the most distinct sign that marks him different from animals !

This 'urge', those who have experienced must be knowing, at times turn so compelling and persistent, that it becomes unbearable ! This suffocating spiritual urge must have pushed many 'sages' and rishis of the past to head for mountains to meditate, seeking knowledge, and deliverance from the pain of knowing the truth. It is very real an urge, many a time, more unbearable than the most intense body urge, that for having sex !

Both the above referred SPIRITS deserve eligibility to be treated as real and distinct ENTITIES, as they are found capable of bringing forth real time changes in their respective HABITATS - - the world for EGO, and the domain of existence beyond the world, for the SOUL. These two spirits, or entities, have the real role in the act of EXPERIENCE - -experience as units of knowledge differs according to who among the above two, that experiences !  This who factor completely alter the very concept of human experience, as it is a new factor that determines the quality, and the genus of experience.

Science, with all its might of inquiry, should probe into this phenomenon of spirit formation,that really act as ‘contra-physical’ in the real world, as well as, possibly, in the world of ultimate reality too. ( hopefully, our parapsychologist are well aware of this phenomenon of the formation of strange spirits in mentally sick people. When someone is forced to encounter abnormal life experiences, a spirit forms within him to live with such synthetic realities. Ego is a common spirit of all, that forms when men encounter the same world, hence it is accepted as normal )

It seems existence has this plan, as Her ploy to achieve the inevitable ‘duality’, for the act of BEING.

The contra world-spirit that man is able to form in the act of his spiritual seeking, play the much-needed role of ‘duality’ that God has schemed in his plan of BEING, by knowing. Knowing by a counter entity is existentially essential for ‘being’. For the act of knowing, two entities are essential. Nothing can BE, without some other entity existing for knowing it. Knowing is what gives birth to the entities in their mutual interaction, in the enactment of the drama of existence. Hence, duality is the net, essential principle of existence. Bishop Berkeley had hinted on this existential scheme, but we do not know whether he had the above 'DUALITY' principle in his mind or not !( He said 'nothing can Be,without being perceived')

This principle necessity of a 'perceiver' for spiritual entities is very evident from the example of human ego.Ego gains its entity by transposing the external world around him as the perceiving 'other'. Ego places itself as an 'object', or an entity before such a third party 'other'. It is similar to the necessity of a canvas for a picture to exist. German philosopher Fichte also had hinted on this phenomenon of Ego making. His concept of inter-subjectivity says one's self-consciousness emerges when he see other individuals around him. ( readers may please see a much-needed link on 'world' here: 

When God becomes man's 'other',replacing the role of 'world', spirituality turns real!

By this logic,the soul also might be needing God as its perceiving,entity giver, in real terms! When ego gains its synthetic entity by transposing external world and its members as the 'other', SOUL is gaining its entity when the source of life,GOD, perceive such spiritual entity in real time.  

Thus, the human soul seems to be developing as a spirit during man’s life time, in the same way, Ego develops as the ‘spirit of the world’ when one start encountering the world in his life time.  The Soul emerges, when man, haunted by the call of his Reason, transcends his experiences to higher realms, stay there for a considerable period of time, till a spirit formation happens. Here his very entity, as well as his future life experiences will alter.  

Unlike the synthetic realities of the Ego, the soul seems to be able to touch with real energies behind existence. The world of reality beyond the world and ego, is the habitat of the SOUL thus formed, hence the wall between man and the reality of the ultimate stuff no more exists here, it seems. A door, hence, towards glimpses of truth is not prohibited for man, it looks like. It is not any particular formation of thoughts that makes it possible, but a transformation of one’s very entity.  


  1. In his book, Answer to Job, Carl Jung wrote:

    "The importance of consciousness is so great that one cannot help suspecting the element of meaning to be concealed somewhere within all the monstrous, apparently senseless biological turmoil, and that the road to its manifestation was ultimately found on the level of warm-blooded vertebrates possessed of a differentiated brain - found as if by chance, unintended and unforeseen, and yet somehow sensed, felt and groped for out of some dark urge."

    Spirit is one. You may say, but how am I connected to God? How can God be every man, or every man be God? Well, that is why I am obsessed with the concept of an aether, or empty space, if you prefer to call it that. Remember, thanks to wholeness, state, not knowledge, instantaneously spreads throughout the whole universe. Empty space is all pervading, it is the space between the points. And the points, the particles, are just clusters, nodes of information floating in that empty space, as a hologram ruled by the laws of Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Relativity. Because this empty space permeates everything, it is omnipresent. So, it does not matter where you are, you could be a man in Buenos Aires, Montreal, or Tokyo... you would still be connected to God through the empty space in which the universe sits. As David Bohm said, empty space is not what separates us, it is what unites us!

    We are basically a group of cells, an organism, moving around in 3D space. That is why we need eyes. When you need something, you locate it using your eyes, then you lift an arm and reach for it. When you walk, you first look for a safe path, then start walking through it. But, who's the one looking? What is the Self? When you introspect, who's the one doing the introspection? When we say I, who do we really mean? We know we are the ones thinking, Descartes got that right. And we also know that we are a bunch of cells floating in an empty space that permeates everything.

    There is a universal being that we are connected to, then there is our soul to which we are also connected, and which serves as our own particular filter. The soul is a compilation of all of the experiences we have had as we interacted with the world. It is the lens through which we as individuals see the world. In my view, it is a field, or what some call, a unified consciousness field. In this view, fields are material, but the universal being we are connected to, is not. The collective unconscious, as Jung used to call it, is also a material field, a compilation of all the experiences our species has had, each species having its own field. Teilhard de Chardin called it the Noosphere, and it is supposed to surround planet Earth.

    1. Dear Laurent, Thanks for the opening your mind in some detail.
      If it was for the issue of being connected to God that you stick on to the concept of an all aether, an all pervading medium, it is equating God with a physical entity, who needs a physical medium to connect with you. If you kindly attempt to know the physical like objective law, or scheme of nature behind scheming your 'entity', your self, you would immediately realise what is lying behind your 'I' feeling. It is absolutely a social stuff !
      Instead of Descartes' ' I think, so I am', if you alter it with, ' you are, so I am', the issue would be solved. Our external sense organs ruled world of our mind is not habituated in realizing any metaphysical angle behind human existence, or our own existence till we gather a lot of experiences in life, and attain a certain age and maturity, Till that time, we ascertain our reality as someone on the basic of our comparison with others. We are definitely a real object before others as they see, touch and respond to us. So,our naive minds ascertain our reality too, on the above logic.' He is there real, so I too am real'. This self identity is purely a social identity, and it can be called our 'ego', a purely synthetic centre. It has no metaphysical link.It is only like the reality of a stone outside, with the only difference is that the 'I' thus created is one's own self.
      Once this preliminary self is created within man, many like you and me, thanks to the inherent urgent to know more and know deep, start enquiring our 'metaphysical' origins. This is the starting point of spirituality. Mind it, not everyone does have this mad urge to base one's self onto some sensible foundations !

      Most of the religions teach us to connect our this 'ego' with an omnipresent, all powerful creator God. This arrangement satisfy the majority, The minority like us, something deeper within us not willing to accept such simpleton explanations, seeks answers like ' how we are connected to God' etc !

      In my 3 blogs above, I have attempted to answer this question: how the ego, or the deeper self, the soul, is connected to God ? What acceptable answer could be there to the above question ?
      Being separate from the whole, in the identity of ego, or a transcended extra 'ego' identity, the inner-most stuff within us does not get satisfied. The painful separation persists. I think, any separateness, in the form of any worldly or distinct spiritual entity,does not end the agony of a truly seeking soul ! As God is a non-ego entity, without any self of Its own, He might be preferring a similar, non-separate entities from enlightened human-beings. It could be like many brothers and sisters living under a truly self-less mother and father; the entire family is united in one soul and one entity, without any individual entities separating them, except the physical bodies. The physical body is also, as it is well known, does not need a 'mind' or thought to live on. It is a completely natural process. See the millions of microbes in the world, or the live body cells in our bodies that live on without much thought , or mind ! The 'individualism' is only our socio-political, artificial burden.Each son and daughter is unique, but they can live without separate entities as one single unit of LOVE, under their equally selfless, entity less parents !
      This was just to share my mind without any inhibition before you, as you are a seeking mind like me !

      I request you to once again read the middle blog ( the most lengthy) above, to understand the entire spectrum of thoughtaround human soul.

  2. This is how David Bohm puts it:

    "If you take a crystal which is at absolute zero it does not scatter electrons. They go through it as if it were empty. And as soon as you raise the temperature and (produce) inhomogeneities, they scatter. Now, if you used those electrons to observe the crystal (e.g., by focusing them with an electron lens to make an image), all you would see would be these little inhomogeneities and you would say they are what exists and the crystal is what does not exist. Right? I think this is a familiar idea, namely to say that what we see immediately is really a very superficial affair. However, the positivist used to say that what we see immediately is all there is or all that counts, and that our ideas must simply correlate what we see immediately.

    So now, with this vast reserve of energy and empty space, saying that matter itself is that small wave on empty space, then we could better say that the space as a whole (and we start from the general space) is the ground of existence, and we are in it. So the space doesn't separate us, it unites us. Therefore it's like saying that there are two separate points and a certain dotted line connects them, which shows how we think they are related, or to say there is a real line and that the points are abstractions from that.

    The line is the reality and the points are abstractions. In that sense we say that there are no separate people, you see, but that 'that' is an abstraction which comes by taking certain features as abstracted and self-existent." --- David Bohm (Wholeness and the Implicate Order)


    In his view, empty space is the Real while we are just abstractions from it.

  3. We are just biological units which active information employs to see the world, to exist. Look at birds, all they want in life is to get somewhere where they can mate, have offspring, provide for them, and then die. Same with salmon; in their world, getting to the top of that mountain is all that counts. To them, that is what life is all about, that is the information world they live in. A pigeon's life story may be a beautiful thing, but that is not enough, not enough information compared to what we humans can gather. As far as we know, we get God (the universe) the best possible input. Because of the way we see the world and our ability to process the information we gather through our senses, we are God's most efficient source of usable, valuable, and especially meaningful information in this neighborhood. In this sense, we truly are God's servants.

  4. In Bohm's view, the Real is the empty space from which matter is abstracted.

    In this view, the ontology is in the process which matter undergoes as it fluctuates in and out of nothingness.

    Classical Physics being a description of what the world appears to be, while Quantum Field Theory a description of what the world is.

    Matter is continuously changing, becoming. What was a second ago is no longer, and the only things real or meaningful to us are the information and processes through which things become and now are. But the immutable, the eternal, the real, is the empty space in which the universe sits. Matter and fields are little more than apparitions, active information, as David Bohm called it. Basil Hiley, one of David Bohm's collaborators, is correct when he says that being is a relative invariant in the overall process of becoming. The fundamental laws, that which remains unchanged, is what is real.

    Which is why what matters are those moments in life which have the most meaning to us, and the more and the stronger the relationships we have with others, the more these moments can affect our and the universe's state of being.

  5. Dear Laurent,
    Thanks for the kind comments, 3 in a row !
    When one is a follower of predominantly one thinker, say David Bohm, he can not be different from a typical religious believer, who insist to base all
    his arguments based on one book, or one prophet. I had mentioned it a few times before also to you, in our interactions. If you had thought Bohm's thoughts yourself within you, analysed each and every aspect of it with your own nature bestowed 'unique' PRISMATIC faculties of reason, it would have earned respect from me !

    Bohm says: What I mean by "thought" is the whole thing – thought, felt, the body, the whole society sharing thoughts – it's all one process. It is essential for me not to break that up, because it's all one process; somebody else's thoughts become my thoughts, and vice versa" Doesn't it look like a religious preacher's sermon ?

    While talking about thoughts, the most essential point is to find the THINKER first. Who Bohm think the 'thinker' here is ? In the western kind of thinking, there is no mind, and no self. Only 'consciousness' is there, the faculty of the physical body to be 'conscious' of its surroundings. No thought or probe has ever been initiated into the process of physical bodies of men in society develop unique individual selves, and these selves then go on looking at their unique worlds, with their unique store of pre-knowledge and pre-notions that results in unique worldviews, theories and sciences ! The common world Bohm refers is a realm wherein these selves internalize similar shared thoughts, thanks to a semantic-oriented modern media ! Leave the conditioning of these shared thoughts, and you land-up at a different world, with a different kind of consciousness !

    I once again request you to share the specific blogs that I have referred, and look at your realities from different angles ! I value the AUTHOR in you !