Saturday, July 11, 2015

The question of BEING and NOT being !

' Why there is something rather than nothing' might be the ultimate and the most central question in philosophy. Why existence, with at surface level what we see as the physical-stuff, and at the parallel level, the stuff of mind too, that in-fact had constituted the very entity of man, who asks this, and other not-so-simple-to answer questions !

This question naturally points towards a most central fact of being, that man knows and recognizes that he 'is'! He is always able to recognize the most extra-ordinary fact about his life, that yes, he exists ! He exists because he is able to realize the vital difference between being and not being. He is there, and that is why he is able to grasp the vital difference between the speculative state of his NOT being, and the irrefutable fact of his Being ! At close introspection, his being in existence, with an eye like mystery sense-organ that always detect and 'sense' his fact of being should be the most miraculous aspect of human-intelligence and its uniqueness ! No member of animal species, we can safely assume, will have such awareness about the very fact of its 'being' in existence ! It is of course, man's special awareness,that he lives in an invisible spiritual 'space'too, in addition to his simultaneously being in the more familiar physical space and time. This unique awareness of man is the foundation of his spirituality.

For a moment, forget about the parallel existence of the external world, as without the perceiving mechanism of mind, we would not have been able to grasp it. Without that 'mind' stuff,neither we would have been able to grasp our-own entity as perceivers, nor about the external world that we routinely consider as the 'container' that we are in !

In-spite of the unprecedented advancement in science and industry in the modern world, wherein man is confident to bestow more faith in the power of his own intelligence than any thing spiritual, the number of people turning to religion and spirituality is in fact increasing ! News comes from Communist China that, the percentage of the population who goes to Church is alarmingly increasing, to the total discomfort of  the establishment that is anti-religion! It is a universal tendency from times immemorial that, after spending long-periods in typically material indulging, man tend to get tired of it, and start seeking higher realms of realities. Spiritual urge is something that Science can not ever rule-out or ignore. In one sense, the urge of Science to seek more and more knowledge about the physical world is also very similar,or at some level, equal to ordinary men's quest for spiritual knowledge ! Both are the same genus of the quest.

Can we infer from the above-seen tendencies of single individuals and societies in history that, the goal of Nature behind scheming 'existence' was to see evolving of truly enlightened beings, with the acute awareness of his distinct and clear fact of Being in existence ? His getting aware of the now invisible and unrecognized deeper space and time, whereto he irrefutably belongs to ? His being now in the more familiar physical realm of the world, does not any way alter the truth of his simultaneously belonging in a deeper way, to the other realm too ! Even if a group of passengers travel in a vehicle for years and years together, and have adapted to the ways and routines of such travel, the basic fact of their belonging to their native lives and places does not alter. It would be childish of them if they forget that base-fact.

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Authored by: Abraham J. Palakudy

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